Avi Singolda - By far one of the most remarkable Israeli guitarist of all times! He played with Ariel Zilber, Igal Bashan and since 1992 he started to work with Shlomo Artzi. Singolda recorded with Israel's most famous artists included Eyal Golan, Sarit Hadad, Arcadi Duchin, Arik Einstein and many more. Singolda also uses "String Tie" in his spanish guitars!

Oscar Herrero - Concertist, composer and teacher of the flamenco guitar. Winner of the most prestigious awards given in the world of flamenco music. absolute pioneer of the flamenco guitar pedagogy. he taught and played concerts in Russia, Poland, Island, Israel, Italy, Egypt and more. He has a unique vision of flamenco music. Herrero put "string tie" in his guitars!

David Broza - Has been considered one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter world. His charismatic and energetic performances have brought to worldwide audiences, filling concert halls with his famous guitar playing. David Broza recommends the use of "String Tie"!

Itamar Erez Musician, Pianist, Guitarist and a Composer. In 1996 he received the prestigious Prime-Minister Award - being one of the youngest to win that prestigious award. He is the founder of the “Adama Ensemble” that plays some of his music. Itamtar is also a member in the ensemble of Omar Faruck Tekbilek, the renowned sufi musician. Itamars concert music is performed by Solo musicians, chamber ensembles and orchestras around the world. In the picture Itamar Erez is “wearing” String-Tie. (picture by Noam Dahan)

String Tie's Galalith (milk stone) beads add a unique look to the bridge and eliminate the protruding string ends. The knot is tied on the bead and not on the bridge, making it easier to tie and preventing scratches. Even the guitar sound is intensified, because the string isn't fastened directly onto the bridge.

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